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‘Listening’ the Forgotten Skill

by Kevin Ryan Have you noticed how quickly luggage can wear out? When you travel as much as I do, suitcases rarely seem to see their second birthday! Recently, I visited a well known luggage store in a large suburban shopping centre to replace my travel-weary luggage. I was approached

Assert Thyself

  by Christine Dafter Throughout the world, it’s the people in organisations who can assert themselves that seem to get what they want easily, and those who can’t who seem to dissolve into the background. Corporations are always sending their people to courses to become more assertive. As you consider

Generational Leadership

  by Tia O’Shea We’ve been shifting Dad from the old family home into a retirement village. It’s a tough time. Tough for me to realise the old veteran can’t really look after himself any more. Tough for him to realise he’s no longer the man in charge, and tough

Resilience in Tough Times

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by all the news on the global financial crisis and what it means to business now, and in the New Year. It seems hardly a day goes by when there isn’t another story about a

What does HR do again?

  by Paul Davis

Why HR is a mystery to others

In a recent survey of two large organisations, employees indicated that they knew what services IT offered, what Operations actually did, or how Purchasing can help them but the specifics of the HR department remained a mystery to many!