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The Training Link

Matching the development needs of your organisation with exceptional consultants, facilitators and coaches.

Ensuring you get the right skill, expertise and FIT to meet your business challenges – with no fee for our service to you as a client.

Every day, businesses face growth, optimisation or transformational challenges that cannot be solved by internal resources alone. In this landscape, businesses often need to look outside their organisation to resource a skill gap and need help to find a consultant.

What We Do

We facilitate partnerships that produce clarity, solutions and transformation.

As a training consulting and coaching brokerage service, we make it easy for organisations to connect and engage consultants with the skills, expertise and business insight needed to help create effective sustainable change through development of their people.

Whilst offering a direct pathway to our network of meticulously screened consultants, we also take the time to carefully assess business needs to match the right consultant to the brief.  Focusing on the critical issues and opportunities, we ensure clarity of the brief to align partnership goals from the outset.  This unique process puts organisations in control as we ensure choice, flexibility and excellence – all with no fee for service to clients.

The Training Link Process

1. Challenge

Your business is facing a growth, optimisation or transformational challenge that cannot be solved by internal resources alone.

2. Connect

You engage with us to source consultants with the skills, expertise and business insight needed to meet that challenge.

3. Assess

We carefully assess your business needs and identify holistically the skills you need for your project. We then introduce qualified people with the right skill, expertise and fit while ensuring clarity of the brief to align partnership goals from the outset.

4. Engage

You remain in control and enjoy choice, flexibility and excellence as you select the right consultant for your project – all with no fee for service to you.

5. Transform

Your business challenge is met, together we review to ensure clarity in enabling solutions and transformation.

Why Partner With Us

We’re good at what we do.

We make it our business to listen.

We are known for our capability in understanding a brief and defining the skill and expertise that is required to meet specific organisational needs to improve business performance.

Our network of highly skilled and experienced consultants work with integrity at all times.

We deliver a holistic end-to-end service with customised solutions. From the very beginning we are involved in clarifying the brief to fit the initiative. We then recommend consultants, adopting a best practice approach that ensures total satisfaction with our service and success of each project.

We also seek to understand our consultants on a deeper lever. Beyond their skills, experience and talents we like to know what makes them tick. When we know this, we align their expertise and passion to a client’s needs to create a great match.

What our clients are saying

Since 1996, we’ve been working with a growing portfolio of organisations

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