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Fun at work

how having fun at work makes your business more profitable by Kevin Ryan Five years ago, I started speaking to business groups about the value of having fun at work. A lot of the time, my main challenge was to simply get them to accept the principle that letting their

Developing Mental Toughness

by Peter Sullivan There is an ever growing body of evidence showing that emotional intelligence is a core competency in achieving success. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions and impulses as well as managing the emotions and behaviour of others. The importance of emotional

When Management Isn’t Enough!

By John Cleary Management delivers the power of position and invites to direct while others do. A tried and trusted formula for those whose actions under value the importance of staff engagement in times of digital transformation. Intention is not enough if you want to succeed in a highly competitive

People Power Projects

by Peter Pearce

“Two plus two equals four … until people get involved”

Ever wondered what it is about a project that can turn, what should be a routine process, into a stress-head’s picnic? Completed late. Unanticipated implications. Unexpected outcomes. Whether it’s building a new manufacturing plant, completing an off-shore

Vocal Intelligence

By Louise Mahler PhD Voice is surprisingly important in defining who we are and inextricably linked with who we bring to the workplace.  Yet, in Australia there is little work being done to help rid people of some of the vocal “twang”.  That vocal lack of intelligence that can sometimes