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About Us

We facilitate partnerships that enable clarity, solutions and transformation by matching the development needs of your organisation with high skilled exceptional consultants, facilitators and coaches.

Established since 1996 we have a proven track record in the market place of providing effective learning and development and broader human resource solutions to a range of organisations across public, private and community sectors.

As a training, consulting and coaching brokerage service, we work with companies who wish to effect sustainable change in their organisation through developing their people.

Whilst offering a direct pathway to our network of meticulously screened consultants, we take the time to carefully assess business needs to match the right consultant(s) to the brief.  Focusing on the critical issues and opportunities, we ensure clarity of the brief to align partnership goals from the outset.  This unique process puts organisations in control as we ensure choice, flexibility and excellence – all with no fee for service to clients.

We have extensive business experience.  We are known for our capability in understanding a brief and defining the skill and expertise that is required to meet specific organisational needs. We make it easy for you to connect and engage the right consultant(s) with the business insight, skill and expertise you’re looking for to meet your brief.

All consultants registered with The Training Link are proven professional learning consultants, all have impressive client portfolios with some of Australia’s most successful organisations.  We also have consultants who have worked across Asia Pacific.

Our business model is one that allows us to remain agile in what can be a dynamic market place.  We are able to respond to client needs quickly, we operate as a lean organisation, with little in the way of bureaucratic structures to impede our activity.

Why partner with The Training Link?


We engage with people.

We believe people drive change and when supported outstanding results can be achieved.

We listen.

By clarifying the needs of our clients, we ensure a clear and mutual understanding as we facilitate a positive outcome for all.

Understanding is key.

We are skilled at interpreting briefs to bring out the best in our business partnerships.

Matching is our passion.

Our strong business insight means we can identify the right consultant for each project.

Transparency, always.

We believe honesty and integrity leads to meaningful outcomes and longevity in business.

Openness in relationship.

We encourage respectful honest exchange of feedback from both client and consultant.

Living a culture of support.

When all parties’ needs are aligned, our quest for exceptional outcomes is achieved.

We are partners in business.

We invest in ongoing and mutually beneficial partnerships and strategic alliances.