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Our Process

We’re in the business of helping businesses

Finding the right consultant for your organisation can be time consuming and frustrating. Working with The Training Link provides the freedom and assurance of sourcing a consultant with the exact skills, expertise and ‘fit’ for your organisation.

1. Challenge

Your business is facing a growth, optimisation or transformational challenge that cannot be solved by internal resources alone.

2. Connect

You engage with us to source consultants with the skills, expertise and business insight needed to meet that challenge.

3. Assess

We carefully assess your business needs and identify holistically the skills you need for your project. We then introduce people with the right expertise and fit while ensuring clarity of the brief to align partnership goals from the outset.

4. Engage

You remain in control and enjoy choice, flexibility and excellence as you select the right consultant for your project – all with no fee for service to you.

5. Transform

Your business challenge is met, together we review to ensure clarity in enabling solutions and transformation.