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Your questions, answered.

What exactly is a Training, Consulting and Coaching Broker?

A Broker facilitates the matching of client needs to consultant skill, expertise and culture fit.

How and who do we pay for this consultancy service?

There is no fee for service to clients. The brokerage fee is paid by the consultants to The Training Link and is not an add-on to how a consultant scopes a project. When you engage the services of a consultant for training, consulting or coaching we arrange the contract and billings, which means the account comes from The Training Link.

Does The Training Link offer services throughout Australia?

Yes, we do. We have clients from across Australia as well as the Asia Pacific region.

What is the best way for me to contact The Training Link about registering as a consultant?

Visit our Consultant Enquiry page to register your interest in exploring partnering with The Training Link and one of our staff will contact you.

What is your screening process for consultants?

We are meticulous when we register consultants, ensuring you are introduced to only the very best skill and expertise available. We look at qualifications and credentials, line management and business experience, their journey to their consultancy, industries they’ve worked in, their specialist areas and we also speak with clients.

Are clients given options in terms of which consultant they choose?

Yes. We introduce a consultant or consultants with the skill, expertise and ‘fit’ to meet the needs of your particular brief. As a client you decide how many people you wish to meet and ultimately make the selection.

What if you are unable to find the right consultant for us?

Integrity is our driving force. Within every partnership, relationship and interaction, we are ethical and honest. If we cannot fulfil a brief or resource the right consultant, we will advise you. We only partner with clients when we know we have the right consultant who can add value and meet the project needs.

How long does it take to meet a best-fit consultant?

After the initial briefing, we identify appropriate consultants and endeavour to be back in touch with you within 48 hours to offer available meeting times to introduce consultants.

What support does The Training Link offer other than sourcing the consultant?

As well as administration of contracts and project management, our service can include working with clients in the planning of training schedules, booking of consultants, sourcing of venues, and management of all logistics including booking of participants, evaluation and feedback.

Is The Training Link an RTO (Registered Training Organisation)?

We are not an RTO but have established relationships with ethical RTOs and, when required, partner with an appropriate RTO to meet client needs.

Does The Training Link only work on large projects?

The Training Link works on a diverse range of projects and has the capacity to deliver on both large and small projects. For example, we can provide one-on-one coaching but we can also roll out national programs and everything in-between.

Why should we partner with The Training Link?

We are different to other Brokers as we deliver a holistic end-to-end service. From the very beginning, we are involved in clarifying the brief to fit the initiative. We then recommend consultants, adopting a best practice approach that ensures total satisfaction with our service and success of each project.

We also seek to understand our consultants on a deeper lever. Beyond their skills, experience and talents we like to know what makes them tick. When we know this, we align their passion to a client’s needs to create a great match.

Daily, we create connections and relationships that enable real transformational change in businesses across Australia and Asia Pacific. This is what builds our long-term sustainable partnerships.